August 2022 Update

Hello again! I took a brief hiatus on this newsletter over the summer because, simply put, I didn’t have much to update you all on. Board to Death revisions have been trekking along with thankfully no more stress than I expected for my debut. It’s an interesting experience writing for an audience for the first time. I’m a marketing writer by day so I’m used to that in some ways, but never before with fiction.

“What I Did This Summer”

  • Went on my year-and-a-half-delayed honeymoon! My husband and I eloped in 2020 so I’m grateful we were finally able to celebrate our marriage with a vacation despite us not being newlyweds. Went to a pub. Finally got to see Phantom of the Opera at West End, something that my 12-year-old self could have only dreamed of.
  • Visited the best bookshop in Utah, Under the Umbrella, and the best brownie shop Brownies! Brownies! Brownies! Both are queer-owned and worth checking out the next time you’re in Salt Lake City!
  • Turned 25 and subsequently had a quarterlife crisis when I got sick after going on a rollercoaster. 
  • Got a tattoo of The Fellowship to commemorate Tolkien-related podcasts and LOTR in general emotionally carrying me through the past few years. Including Bill the Pony.
  • Many, many game nights–including one that lasted over 24 hours. Playing board games with my husband’s friends is an experience.
  • Joined a married couple D&D group in our neighborhood. So far have cancelled more sessions than we’ve played, so the usual D&D experience.
photo of my husband and i at a pub. the bartender is photobombing us

Recent, Current, and Upcoming Reads

-CJ Connor